Monday, March 23, 2009

Empty Bowls Event

This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a charity event called empty bowls. It is held every year at Green Valley High School and all of the money raised from the event goes to feed the homeless. When you first enter the event you are immediately overwhelmed by the number of bowls created by local members of the Nevada Clay Guild and Green Valley High School students. Everyone donates 12 dollars, picks out a bowl and gets soup in the bowl for lunch. You can purchase extra bowls for 10 dollars and of course I had to get more than one. They were all so beautiful how can a girl choose just one. They also have a silent auction and live auction of various artwork. Those GVHS students are so talented. They knit, photograph, paint, draw and do ceramics. Who knew?! It made me want to go back to high school just so I could take art classes. I also ran into a couple of people who I had not seen in a really long time, who happen to be members of the clay guild. They said last year this event raised 24,000 dollars to feed the homeless. They also had a huge assembly line and fired 400 bowls in one day. How crazy is that! I had to post a picture of my empty bowl, which was made by Donna Potter the GVHS art teacher. As you can see I enjoyed my chili con carne. The other picture is of all of the bowls that I purchased while I was at the event.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day here's some U2.
I loved this live performance for Obama's inaguration!
I should add that it still gives me chills.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Killers Human

Love this new song by the killers!

B. Original Bangle

The other day I was watching B. Original with Michele Beschen and she had a great idea of taking an old bangle and reinventing it. The first thing you do is cut strips of paper from a magazine and glue them down. I started with matte gel medium and then put varnish on the top for shine. I used an unfinished wooden bangle that I got for really cheap, I think 25 cents, at Michael's. When I saw the show I thought to myself I can make that. So..I got up off of the couch and did it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cutest Kids in the World




Pretty Little Felt Ring

Mandy and I both made one of these rings at our last jewelry crafting day. It is from the book Pretty Little Felts. I brought the ring bases and Mandy had the felt, craft wire and antique buttons. Thanks, Mandy. They turned out so cute and every time I wear it someone wants to buy it. I need to make more of these!

Joyce's Ephemera

I was delighted to have lunch with my friend Joyce the other day. I hadn't seen her in such a long time. We met when Linda still had Las Vegas Art Stamps in a Julianna Coles class. Imagine my surprise when we found out we both were from within miles of each other in small town Illinois. She even lived in my little hometown for a awhile. At lunch she brought me this bag of ephemera for altered art making. It was filled with such fun, cool stuff. Thanks, Joyce!

Angela's Valentine

A big thank you to my crafty friend Angela, who mailed me this cute as a button Valentine canister for Valentine's Day (just behind on posting). It was wonderfully decorated and contained many, many Valentine Day themed things to use in altered art. Hooray for Valentine's!