Saturday, August 6, 2011

Proud Auntie

I'm so proud of the accomplishments of my little nieces and nephew. They continue to amaze and inspire me as they learn and grow. What an amazing experience being an aunt can be!

I'm proud of Clara's creativity. When I was home last we were playing a game where I would give the kids a word and they would come up with a random song using that word. She came up with the cutest songs ever. What an amazing gift. I'm proud of Raylin for her streak of independence. Even though not everyone appreciates this gift right now I know eventually this will serve her so well in her life as she learns to never take no for an answer. I'm proud of Bailey for her sense of responsibility. I watched her go on her own to check on her lifestock and report back to her dad on how they were doing.

I'm proud of Ethan for his sense of fearlessness. Even though he has gotten stepped on by the horse and bucked off before he just walks right up to them again and is not afraid.

We could all take some lessons from these little ones and hopefully one day if they look back at this blog and they have taken some hits by life they will realize what one of my all time favorite movies will always tell had it all along sweethearts the power is in you!