Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keri's Wedding Weekend

Katharine and I at the wedding

After much anticipation and planning Keri's wedding weekend finally arrived this last weekend at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. The weekend was full and started off with a rehearsal dinner on Friday night at Margaritaville. I started off with a guava margarita which was so yummy! The food was also great. On Saturday I went to get my hair and makeup done. Thanks Emily and Jackie! Then, I was off to the Flamingo to Keri's suite to help her get in her wedding dress. Why do they make wedding dresses so complicated? I swear you need a degree in engineering to get in and out of one! The ceremony was outdoors in the garden area at the Flamingo, which was beautiful. I can't believe how many weddings were going on at the same time. I must have seen at least 5 brides in their dresses. I need to own a vegas wedding chapel. After the wedding it was pictures and off to the Hofbrahaus for the wedding reception. It was quite the party for those of you familar with the Hofbrahaus. Then it was back to the Flamingo for a party in the hotel suite. Whew...I'm exhausted just writing all of this. The next moring I barely made it to the farewell brunch. I still had my hair in curls and Keri mentioned that it looked like my hair had just rolled out of bed. Probably because I literally did just that. Congratulations to Keri and Dave!