Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gallery Book with Secret Shrine

I created this book at ArtUnraveled in Phoenix this year. It was an all day workshop with Jacqueline Sullivan. The first thing that we did was to make the paste paper and let it dry. Then we took a 5x5 canvas and used tissue paper on the back and sides of the canvas to create texture and depth. We then created a design on the back board cover and the canvas by using molding paste. Once that was dry we applied the color to the canvas and then the back of the book. We made folds and attached our paste paper together to form the inside of the book and cut squares in the book to hold pictures. I still haven't put pictures in my book yet. The hardest part was developing the secret shrine as it involved sewing on a button and working through the paste paper. Sewing is not my "thing". I also have ribbon on the book so that I can tie it closed or keep it open. It was a big project but was a lot of fun!!!

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