Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ring of Fire

I was inspired to create this piece by the Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire. The basic foundation for this piece was created by putting paper on the canvas with gesso to create texture. Then I used acrylics in red, blue and yellow mixed with gel medium in a semi gloss to give it a little bit of shine. This additive does not change the color of the acrylics.

So here's to everyone who is currently in the ring of fire and to those who have gotten burnt beyond recognition by the fire and finally for those of us who are hoping we can carefully jump back in one day with a new love.


Jackie said...

That is beautiful, I love the artwork and the saying!
You are a very talented artist!

Anonymous said...

Your painting is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
I love everything with hearts in it.
You only live once so you might as well love with all your heart and share your love with those who deserve.

Mandy said...

You ARE a painter! You don't need to take painting classes! Beautiful!