Monday, December 8, 2008

Jean, Jean The Dancing Machine

Jean, a student who works in the office, is always creating. For two years now she has made the entire staff awards at the end of the year. This year I only thought it fitting to make something for her too, so check it out.Jean's creation last year, the paper plate awards. I was voted "Most likely to wear handmade accessories".

Jean's creation this year, buddy pokes. Doesn't my buddy poke look just like me? Thanks, Jean!

Jean sporting her pendant that I made her with paper that I collected in Chinatown when I was in San Francisco.
The other side of the pendant pictured on my lovely wire lady that I found at Ross. Can you believe it? Yes, I said Ross.


Jackie said...

I find the neatest stuff at ross, and I like the clothes too!
Great job on the necklace!

Mandy said...

Cool necklace! I think you found your niche, you are so good at soldering! Are you going to name your wire lady or am I the only crazy one that does that?