Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas in Illinois

Here are some pictures taken over Christmastime in Illinois. I couldn't resist posting them and showing off my little nieces and nephew!

Me and my mom and dad on Christmas.

My brother, Chris a.k.a proud dad, with Ethan 8 months old.

The girls Clara (3) Bailey (7) trying to look mean with their new pink cap guns.

Nothing compares to growing up on a farm!

My sister-in-law Amanda with my brother and Ethan


Jackie said...

I would have loved to grow up on a farm or on Waltons mountain!!
Yeah, it is weird that I love las vegas but actually I would prefer the great outdoors, as long as the winters don't get too cold!
The girls look cute with their guns, next christmas they should be into fashion so pink skirts and pink hats and boots!! hehehe!

Mandy said...

Bailey looks a lot like you! Cute family, looks like you had a great Christmas!