Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Magical Cuff

I made this cuff yesterday at Colleen's house. We learned so much in this class! First of all we worked with the silver art clay and made the piece on the top of the cuff. I chose the word Magic for mine. After we were done shaping and creating our art clay piece for our bracelet we fired them up in the kiln and learned about the leather cuff. We cut the leather and installed the snaps. Once that was finished we took our art clay pieces and used silver black on them to make the letters stand out. Then we used crystal rivets to attach them to the leather cuff. It was so much fun! I plan on making many more of these bracelets. They will make great gifts for friends and family.


Jackie said...

Oh Wow! That is perfect!! How fun, and they are so comfortable to wear!! I can't wait to make more too!!

Anonymous said...

That is a fine work of art & very appropriate since you are like tangible magic.

Rita said...

You go girl! Beautiful pieces and great writing. Wish I was there to share the fun.