Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ArtUnraveled Monday and Tuesday

The adventure began on Monday evening when Mandy and I went to the make and takes. Lisa Pavelka instructed the make and take session that we went to. We picked out a picture and then made layers with UV resin. The front of the image is the actual print, which becomes transparent when set with a UV light. The back of the image is the second layer which has glitter. It was a lot of fun and didn't take very much time at all.

On Tuesday I took an all day workshop which was taught by Carla Sonheim titled Voice Lessons. In this class we explored four different mediums to discover which one represented our voice the best. This class was a real challenge because I don't draw at all but I ended up doing two series in charcoal one of animals and one of flowers.

On Tuesday night I took a class called Obsessive Paint Brush with Anne Grgich. I wasn't very happy with my outcome but I am being brave and posting it anyway.

Keep checking back for more updates from Phoenix!


Jackie said...

I hope you are having too much fun!
I love your drawings very cute, and the pink painting is cool, hey at least you are out there getting some fun in!! Enjoy, I hope to see you when you get home!

Mandy said...

Your painting looks great! I love the colors you picked. I know it wasn't what you expected when you went into class but it turned out really cool.