Monday, November 24, 2008

Anne's Birthday

This weekend I celebrated a friends' birthday and have to tell everyone about it because of the delicious restaurant that we went to. Anne chose to go to the new Aliante Station to the Pips restaurant. It was so yummy! I had eggplant stuffed salmon with butternut squash risotto with shall I say a few glasses of white wine. It was a great atmosphere and the food and service were amazing. We got seated by the owner who used to be a chef at Cesar's Palace and got a tour of the wine vault. I would highly recommend it!

The picture is of the earrings that I made for Anne. They are from the Dixie Young collection and are vintage crystal. Elegant just like Anne.

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Mandy said...

I really like these, sometimes the more simple the better!

BTW....I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!! Too, too cute, okay I'm inspired to change up my blog now too!