Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome Home Dice

Last weekend I couldn't resist adopting Dice. She was available through the Heaven Can Wait Animal Sanctuary. I had kind of been looking around for a friend for Dash for awhile and finally found one. She is 8 months old and is very playful. I asked the people to find me a playful boy or girl about the same age as Dash. After petting her for a few minutes she rolled over on her belly and started to bite me. As everyone knows this is exactly how Dash acts. Dash was so excited when I brought her home and never even hissed or growled at her. He follows her around everywhere. I tried to tell him he was coming on too strong but he wouldn't listen. After about 5 days they became good friends and are cleaning each other and playing like you wouldn't believe! So now I have the perfect match of Dice and Dash.


Jackie said...

Oh congratulations on Dice!! Dash had really wanted to play with toby but toby wanted nothing to do with him, I am so glad Dash has a companion now!! Oh you are so lucky amanda!!

Beadmetaler said...

How cute is he??? I have thought about getting another cate myself but Rizzo won't have it.
Did I tell you his vet just renamed him???
Osma Bin Rizzo .... that should tell you the entire story.

Mandy said...

She is too cute! I can't wait to meet her! Once you started talking about getting another cat I knew it wouldn't be too long before you had one. I'm glad for your sanity that they keep each other out of trouble instead of getting each other into more!