Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Studio Chairs

The old
The new!

I finally managed to get the four chairs covered in what I'm calling my "studio" which is actually a spare bedroom. You should've heard the delivery men when I got the table a month ago. You want us to put the table in the bedroom? Are you sure? Yes....I'm sure! I am including a picture of what the chairs originally looked like. They had a brown seat cover. Now they have something vibrant and bright that just makes you want to create, well hopefully. A big thank you to my friend Mandy who came over with her staple gun and covering expertise.


Jackie said...

Nice chairs!! Can't wait to see the studio!!

Beadmetaler said...

They turned out beautiful Amanda, isn't it great to have a dedicated space to work in???

Mandy said...

These turned out great, I'm so glad you picked this fabric!!!