Friday, February 15, 2008

Rhonda Rocks!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Last night I had the privelege of teaching my class over at CSN. A few students brought in V-Day treats but this one really stood out. Rhonda is a culinary arts major who is trying to overcome her fear of decorating wedding cakes. She made everyone in the entire class (20) their own individual cupcake or should I just say mini cake. Each one was unique and decorated differently. I thought it was such a work of art that I decided to take it home and take pictures of it before digging in. The cake was moist with fresh strawberries and bannans inside. How could it possibly get any better, oh yeah the frosting, Yum Yum. Thanks so much Rhonda and just so you know she does catering ;-)


Jackie said...

Wow that looks great! How special!
Glad you had a fun day from one of your old married tied to the ball and chain friends...I got to go eat mexican and the same dang place we go every sunday night..whoo-hoo...oh and I had to work too. yuck!

Mandy said...

Oooooo yummy! That looks & sounds soooo good!