Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trip To England

Brighton Beachfront

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton



Rutland Waters

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Ann in England. It was great fun and I really enjoyed my visit. I had been to London before but was only there for a few days. This time around I felt like I really saw the beautiful country that England is. I also got to know a couple of locals who are friends of Ann. It was really fun getting to know the culture and a few of the local phrases and sayings. I must admit that I don't see how my friend Ann has done it! It took me two days to flush the toilet on the first try at Ann's house because the plumbing was so different. I also couldn't operate the washing machine. Even though they speak somewhat the same language things are really quite different. I really enjoyed myself and am posting a few pictures of the trip for you to enjoy!


Jackie said...

Amanda, what a beautiful place! and you got to see stonehenge!!! Oh my gosh that is on my list of things to see before the inevitable happens! Good for you for getting out and seeing the world!!

Anonymous said...

What a trip! BEAUTIFUL pictures, girlfriend!!!!!