Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vegas Charm Exchange Baby!

Jackie was the "charm leader" for this exchange which had a vegas theme. The charms all came out very unique and cool. Great job ladies! I thought the pendant that Tanya made for all of us deserved a picture of its own since it was so cool. She took a vintage showgirl image from the Stardust and placed it in a vintage earring with resin. You rock girl! Next up Halloween charm exchange with nothing cutesy. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


Tanya said...

Amanda - where's YOUR charm in that group picture, girl? AND your "presentation" piece? I posted a picture of the batch I received in my eBay group, along with your card...OK, I covered her up a little. They thought you were so clever! YOU rock, girl! Tanya

colleen myler said...

That charm is so pretty - why don't you post what you made so we can see how nice it is! You do such great work and you need to show it off!

Amanda said...

I didn't make one of my charms for myself. I never keep one that I made for the exchanges.