Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Raspberry Jam

One of the other things that we did when I was home was go and pick black raspberries. My dad has a woods that is over by my parents house. Along the edge of the woods is an entire patch of wild black raspberries that happened to be ripe and ready for picking the week I was home. Amanda, my sister in law, Bailey, Clara, Ethan and I all took the 3 wheelers over along with a gallon ice cream container and picked berries. We ended up filling about 3/4 of the container. My mom then turned our berries into delicious jam! I ended up coming home with a jar of jam and some poison ivy. It was so worth it though. Recently the blackberries have come into season and Amanda and the kids have picked those and made jam into those as well. I am so jealous and although not as sweet as black raspberries I wish I was there to enjoy that too!

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Mandy said...

EVERYTHING is better homemade or "Semi-Homemade" in my case! :)