Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pool Noodles

This project really was a joke but turned out sort of cute. My friends Jenn and Dave just bought their first house and requested pool noodles as a house warming gift. Jenn is very artsy and she said wouldn't it be cool if the pool noodles had bling on them. I got to thinking about it and thought pool water and glue just won't mix. I got to thinking though that I could sew beads onto the pool noodles though and that would work out great. I brought the noodles over to their house for the 4th of July bbq and they did hold up in the water!

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Jackie said...

Oh that is too funny! What a cute idea! Nice gift! They will love having a pool, trust me on that, i hope they got the salt system in it, it really helps keep the water soft and you don't have to use all those chemicals anymore!! Your hair and bathing suits last longer too!