Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love Birds with Jenny Hernandez

My love birds are on the left and Mandy's are on the right.

In May I drove to see Mandy in Arizona. It was such a fun weekend driving around and going to all of the little cute boutique stores around town and the jewelry supply store that actually sells real metal working supplies. We had a great time! One of the fun things we did was take a class at Mystic Paper with Jenny Hernandez aka the Polka Dot Pixie. She teaches a class on working with paper clay where everyone made these cute little love birds. Jenny was so very generous with her time and supplies. I would recommend her class to anyone looking to learn more about paper clay. Downtown Mesa, AZ is also a blast. They have all of these cute sculptures and art around. Check out our pictures with Charlie the pig. We both fell in love with him! I also had my very first ever hot dog on a stick this weekend complete with lemonade and cheese on a stick. It was delicious. Mandy also showed me the trailer for the movie the Human Centipede which we later watched at my house when she came to Vegas to get her hair done. That movie is like a bad car accident. You really don't want to watch it but you just can't help yourself. Watch trailer at your own risk.

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Mandy said...

Her class was SO much fun! I hope you get to come out for another one of her classes! Maybe the second sequence of the Human Centipede will be out & we can watch it?!??!?! MiSs YoU!!!!